Clay's Mail Call Wav Page

Clay's Mail Call Wav Page

For those of you that don't know, Eudora, Outlook, and many other email programs allow you to associate a wav file which then plays whenever you receive new mail. I have collected a few of these, and digitized many myself. Feel free to upgrade your old, boring mail announcement.

mail666.wav NSA mail alert.

mail153.wav Siri: You have a new mail message.

mail156.wav Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory: This came in the mail and I want you to have it.

mail155.wav Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory: I hacked into your email account.

mail134.wav Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory- Typical Sheldon.

mail142.wav Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory: Be sure to check the mail. Open the mail!

mail135.wav Howard and Rajesh, from The Big Bang Theory: Anything? Actually, I was just checking my e-mail.

mail136.wav Penny, from The Big Bang Theory: We could only communicate through a time traveling mailbox.

mail140.wav Sheldon & Penny, from The Big Bang Theory: I was going to get my mail. Are you hoping to get it telepathically?

mail154.wav Leonard, from The Big Bang Theory: I got an email from Professor Proton.

mail144.wav Penny, from The Big Bang Theory: Hey, hi. This came for you today.

mail137.wav Luke, from Star Wars: Wait a minute. Play back the entire message.

mail138.wav Obi-Wan, from Star Wars: Your father wanted you to have this, when you were old enough.

mail139.wav Luke & Obi-Wan, from Star Wars: I saw part of a message..... I seem to have found it.

mail132.wav House, from House: I didn't know people actually read e-mails.

mail126.wav Sheriff Bart, from Blazing Saddles: Candygram for Mongo. Candygram for Mongo.

mail143.wav Peter & Brian, from Family Guy: Ooh, ooh, is that the mail? Yeah.

mail122.wav Brian, from Family Guy: Do you mind? I want to check my e-mail.

mail125.wav Lois, from Family Guy: Hey, everybody, look what came in the mail!

mail120.wav Bobby Hill, from King Of The Hill: Mail's here!

mail114.wav Sonny & Clemenza, from The Godfather: What the hell is this? It's a Sicilian message.

mail108.wav President George W. Bush: I don't e-mail.

mail109.wav President George W. Bush: I'm very cautious about e-mail.

mail145.wav Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live: You've got mail.

mail152.wav Mailbox (Al Roker), from the movie Robots: Mail call! Mail call!

mail110.wav Jon Stewart of The Daily Show: Imagine five million e-mails.

mail121.wav Stan Smith, from American Dad: I need 30 minutes to go through the mail.

mail100.wav American Dad: Stan's computer e-mail sound.

mail105.wav Johnny Gomez, from Celebrity Deathmatch: Here's another new e-mail.

mail111.wav Carlos Mencia, from Mind Of Mencia: I got e-mails, I got e-mails.

mail102.wav Jerry, from Seinfeld: You know what? This is all your mail.

mail103.wav Newman, from Seinfeld: Of course nobody needs mail.

mail104.wav Kramer, from Seinfeld: Mail is evil. Pass it on.

mail97.wav MySpace new mail sound.

mail116.wav Harry Potter: I haven't had any messages.

mail98.wav Ron Weasley: Ah, the mail's here.

mail117.wav Mrs. Weasley: [Owl screech] Oh, that'll be Errol with the post.

mail118.wav Percy Weasley: Oh look, it's our Hogwarts letters.

mail99.wav Uncle Dursley: No blasted letters today!

mail89.wav R. Lee Ermey of Mail Call: Ten-Hut! Listen up, it's time for Mail Call!

mail72.wav R. Lee Ermey: Time for Mail Call!

mail78.wav R. Lee Ermey: You got mail, maggot!

mail148.wav Dropo, from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Oh Santa, hundreds of thousands of letters from all over Mars.

mail91.wav From Stripes, the sound of a round dropping and Sergeant Hulka yelling, "Incoming!"

mail79.wav Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report: Let's check the In-box.

mail56.wav Special Ed of Crank Yankers: I've got mail, yaaaaayyyy!

mail57.wav Mick Jagger: You've got some letters.

mail61.wav Craig Kilborn from The Daily Show: Once again it's time for Bag O' Mail.

mail51.wav M*A*S*H- Radar: Mail call, sir.

mail52.wav M*A*S*H- Radar: Mail call, ma'am.

mail53.wav M*A*S*H- Radar: Mail call.

mail43.wav M*A*S*H- Klinger: O.k, o.k, listen up, mail call!

mail50.wav M*A*S*H- P.A. announcer: Incoming chopper. No wounded, just mail for a few lucky's.

mail150.wav United States Army Mail Call bugle call.

mail40.wav Computer, from Futurama: Leela, you've got mail.....It's not spam!

mail41.wav Computer, from Futurama (SAA, but without the "Leela"): You've got mail.....It's not spam!

mail58.wav Bender, from Futurama: I've got mail.

mail149.wav The head of Richard Nixon, from Futurama: Telegram!

mail25.wav Andy Taylor: There's a letter here for you.

mail26.wav Barney Fife: No mail for me, I suppose. There never is.

mail62.wav Andy & Barney: Anything in the mail? Nothing much.

mail38.wav Rosie the Robot (Jetsons): Mail call!

mail1.wav Bugs Bunny: What's this? A letter. For me!

mail27.wav Tweety: What's this, a letter for me?

mail2.wav Groucho Marx, from Duck Soup: Any mail for me while I was gone?

mail3.wav You've got mail fat-ass!

mail4.wav The sound of a mail box door being opened and a woman saying "You've got mail."

mail5.wav Hal (from 2010): There is a message for you.

mail6.wav Sexy female voice says "Master, I have mail for you." This one is extremely popular. I wonder why.

mail60.wav Carl Carlson: Didn't you get the e-mail?

mail44.wav Carl Carlson: You've got mail, baby!

mail7.wav Homer Simpson: The mail! The mail is here!

mail133.wav Homer Simpson: [Cell phone ring] Oooh, unknown caller! (This would make a pretty great ringtone too.)

mail63.wav Homer: Any undelivered mail for Homer J. Simpson?

mail37.wav Homer (as Mr. Burns): Hello. I believe you have a letter for me.

mail119.wav Homer: Stupid junk mail!

mail22.wav Homer: Mail call! Gather 'round everyone.

mail76.wav Homer: Mail call!

mail90.wav Homer: Stamps? Those are for snail-mail!

mail128.wav Marge: I don't have e-mail.

mail129.wav Marge: Homer, you got a letter.

mail77.wav Marge: Oh my, look at all these letters!

mail127.wav Bart Simpson: I gotta get that letter before Mom and Dad do.

mail59.wav Bart: How come I never get any mail?

mail75.wav Bart: There's the mail, Dad.

mail112.wav Monty Burns: [Phone ring], Ahoy-hoy. (Another good one for a ringtone)

mail115.wav Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle: Thank you for responding to my E-vite.

mail69.wav Snake: I sent you an E-vite. You never responded. Nice Netiquette, jerk!

mail54.wav Patti or Selma (not sure which one. They both have pretty hairy legs): E-mail, female.

mail106.wav Ned Flanders: I'd really like to get the mail.

mail107.wav Lisa: I sent an e-mail.

mail130.wav Delivery boy: Special delivery letter for Mister's Simpson, Lovejoy, and Nahasapeemapetilon.

mail96.wav Susan Sarandon: You've got mail, unlike the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

mail101.wav Bill O'Reilly: And finally tonight, the mail.

mail8.wav Worf: Captain, incoming message.

mail147.wav Star Trek Computer (Majel Barrett): Priority one message from Star Fleet coming in on secure channel.

mail9.wav Captain Kirk: Stand by to receive our transmission.

mail10.wav From Monty Python and the Holy Grail. A soldier takes an arrow to the chest and says, "Message for you, sir."

mail146.wav Jay Leno: Email, email!

mail151.wav Jay Leno: This email thing is just a fad.

mail21.wav David Letterman: Congratulations Skippy, you've got mail.

mail74.wav David Letterman: Congratulations, you've got mail.

mail123.wav David Letterman: Oh, I have an e-mail.

Some folks could be offended by these next three files. If you're sensitive, just pass 'em by.
Barney The Dinosaur
mail11.wav From the old Addams Family TV show. The "whoop-whoop" mail whistle and Morticia saying "Ah, the mail's in."

mail12.wav From the game Sam & Max Hit the Road. Sam says "Oh boy, we got a message!"

mail13.wav This wav is pretty much a "male only" kind of thing.

mail20.wav For ladies only.

O.K., ladies, I rented and sat through the chick-flick You've Got Mail. The Godfather it isn't, but I snagged a couple of mail wavs for you. I hope you appreciate my sacrifice.
Tom Hanks

Meg Ryan

mail14.wav The Tick gets a special delivery.

mail15.wav From Friends, Monica and Rachel discuss the need to open the mail.

mail16.wav George Carlin: There's a letter in your mailbox!

mail17.wav Mr. Jinks, from the old Pixie and Dixie cartoon.

mail47.wav Saffron, from Absolutely Fabulous: "Mum, why are we suddenly getting all this mail?"

mail94.wav Lucille Ball: Well, let's see what's in the mail.

mail64.wav The incoming mail message from the ICQ chat program.

mail65.wav Zomboo, from KOLO TV in Reno, NV.

mail67.wav Joel, from Mystery Science Theater 3000: O.K., let's read a couple of letters here.

mail68.wav Dr. Clayton Forrester, from MST3K: Don't you have a letter to read or something?

mail124.wav Gypsy, from MST3K: Maybe we better read a letter, huh?

mail70.wav Mike, Servo and Crow, from MST3K: O.K., we've got a bunch of letters here. Letters! Oh, I love letters!

mail71.wav Will Smith, from Independence Day: Well, looks like the mail is still workin'.

mail73.wav Craig Ferguson, from the Late Late Show: Well, let's read some e-mails, shall we?

mail80.wav Craig Ferguson: Yes, we have time for an e-mail.

mail93.wav All Your Mail Are Belong To Us.

mail95.wav Flint Phone, from Our Man Flint.

mail113.wav Batphone, from the 60's Batman TV series.

The following are computer-generated mail announcements. Many are in foreign languages (foreign to me anyway). I only speak English, so I can't be sure the other languages are correct. What I did was go to Google's text translator to get the language in question. I then took the result and put it into a text-to-speech converter. The messages I describe below are the messages I entered into Google in English. What popped out, I have no idea. So if you speak Mandarin, for instance, and the Mandarin message below actually says "Hand me that piano!", please let me know and I'll remove it.


mail81.wav Computer-generated voice, female: You have new mail.

mail86.wav Computer-generated voice, female: Answer your e-mail, you fat bastard.

mail82.wav Computer-generated voice, male: You have new mail.

mail87.wav Computer-generated voice, male: Hey, biatch, you've got new mail.

mail88.wav Computer-generated voice, in English, with a British accent, female: "Excuse me, but it appears you have been presented with an addition to your in-box. Would you like tea and crumpets with that, my lord?" (I don't know why, but I find a computer voice with a British accent incredibly funny.)

mail83.wav Computer-generated voice, in French, female: You have new mail.

mail84.wav Computer-generated voice, in German, female: You have new mail.

mail85.wav Computer-generated voice, in Spanish, female: You have new mail.

MailCatalan.wav Computer-generated voice, in Catalan, female: You have new mail.

MailCzech.wav Computer-generated voice, in Czech, female: You have new mail.

MailFinnish.wav Computer-generated voice, in Finnish, female: You have new mail.

MailGreek.wav Computer-generated voice, in Greek, female: You have new mail.

MailHindi.wav Computer-generated voice, in Hindi, female: You have new mail.

MailItalian.wav Computer-generated voice, in Italian, female: You have new mail.

MailJapanese.wav Computer-generated voice, in Japanese, female: You have new mail.

MailKorean.wav Computer-generated voice, in Korean, female: You have new mail.

MailMandarin.wav Computer-generated voice, in Mandarin, female: You have new mail.

MailPolish.wav Computer-generated voice, in Polish, female: You have new mail.

MailPortuguese.wav Computer-generated voice, in Portuguese, female: You have new mail.

MailRussian.wav Computer-generated voice, in Russian, female: You have new mail.

MailSwedish.wav Computer-generated voice, in Swedish, female: You have new mail.

MailTurkish.wav Computer-generated voice, in Turkish, female: You have new mail.

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