Clay's Simpsons Songs Wav Page

Clay's Simpsons Songs Wav Page

I've spent considerable time and effort digitizing these Simpsons song and music wav files. All songs were digitized as, or converted to, 22050 Hz, 16 bit, mono, and saved using the MPEG Layer 3 wav codec. While they are only half CD quality (I didn't want to compete with any FOX sales), they still sound pretty good. I've checked around and found that, as of this writing, this is by far the largest collection of Simpsons songs available on the Web.
Enjoy them. Download them. Trade them with your friends.

Update, January 13, 2014-- I've been doing this since 1994, and this page has now grown to over 670 sound files. I'm too lazy to categorize them, but I record all the Simpsons repeats, and new shows, looking for songs I don't have yet. When I find them, I digitize and post them. The newest songs can generally be found at the bottom of the page.

You kids have to do some work on your own to find the songs you want. For those that don't know, you can use the search feature. Hold down your "Ctrl" key and press the "F" key. It brings up the search box. Mighty handy when looking for a clip from, say, Otto, or a song about pizza.

BTW, return visitors, be sure to hit refresh/reload to get the most recent version of this page.

All The Simpson Songs (600 of them anyway) Zipped 72 Meg. Dial-up users beware!
Zip file includes text file with song descriptions.

Simpsons Theme 319k
Simpsons HDTV Theme 457k
Simpsons Ending Theme 179k
We Put The Spring In Springfield (Maison Derrière) 478k
Flaming Moes 212k
Skinner Theme 58k
Cletus Theme 110k
Ned Flanders Theme 52k
Professor Frink Theme 48k
Apu Theme 55k

Mediocre Presidents 157k
Homer: The Garbage Man Can 383k
Kirk Van Houten: Can I Borrow A Feeling? 209k
Krusty: Send In The Clowns 214k
Jebediah Song 174k
Homer: Simstones 112k
Kids vs Adults 379k
Willy: Doontoon (Downtown) 37k
Bart: Teddy Bear Picnic 79k
Barney: Toora Loora Loora (Irish Lullaby) 115k

Simpsons: Inside-out Halloween Song (A Chorus Line) 270k
Lisa: Jazz Man 279k
Church Choir: In The Garden Of Eden 185k
Krusty: Mt. Splashmore 90k
Mr. Burns: See My Vest 361k
Bart: Lisa's Birthday Song 60k
Michael Jackson (Kipp Lennon): Homer (sung to the tune of Ben) 106k
Michael Jackson: Happy Birthday Lisa 257k
Michael Jackson: Happy Birthday Lisa, alternate version 251k
Selma: Natural Woman 50k

The Stonecutters Theme (We Do) 184k
Dr. Zaius 448k
Checkin' In 360k
New Orleans 580k
Apu: Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart? 312k
Simpsons: Rudolf The Red-nosed Reindeer 219k
Tony Bennett: Capital City 367k
We're Talking Softball 304k
Tito Puente: Señor Burns 262k
Hank Williams Jr.: Canyonero 336k

Moe: Hawaii 23k
The Ramones: Burns' Birthday Song 145k
Bart & Milhouse: Springfield, Springfield 357k
Sideshow Bob: HMS Pinafore medley 263k
Monorail 241k
Marge: Pour The Wine 75k
Moe: One More Round 50k
Bad Cops 120k
Stretch Dude And Clobber Girl 112k
Homer & The B52's: Glove Slap 263k

Jockey Song 256k
Kovenant/Rachel Jordan: A Book About A Man 422k
Rachel Jordan: Jesus Loves Me 28k
Ned Flanders: Stella 70k
Lisa & Bart: Be Our Nanny 233k
Sherri Bobbins: Half-assed Job 389k
Willy: I'm A Maniac 63k
Sherri Bobbins, Barney & Moe: Barney The Boozehound 382k
Rainier Wolfcastle: My Bratwurst 54k
Simpsons: We're Happy Just The Way We Are 234k

Whacking Day Hymn 117k
Ned Flanders: Que Sera Sera 165k
Bart: Bartman 23k
Homer: The Joker 181k
Homer, Marge & Friends: I Want Candy 325k
Otto: Feel Like Rockin' 92k
Homer: Henry The Eighth 79k
Homer: Born Under A Bad Sign 719k
Homer: My Baloney 34k
Homer: I Am The Champion 55k

Homer: I Am Evil Homer 32k
Homer: Mr. Plow 22k
Selma & Sideshow Bob: Something Stupid 141k
Lisa: Power Plant Blues 148k
Barney & Yoko: #8 20k
Bart & Lisa: Armour Hot Dogs 107k
Kamp Krusty Song 213k
Sting & Friends: Sending Our Love Down The Well 120k
Bart: Testify 385k
Homer: When I Was 17 107k

The Flanders: Welcome To The Neighborhood 77k
Homer: Nacho Man 23k
Apu: Sgt. Pepper 27k
Homer: I Am So Smart 24k
Only A Moron 29k
Homer: Yummy Yummy Yummy 42k
Chief Wiggum: Jammin' 258k
Homer: War 43k
The Be Sharps: Baby On Board 254k
Homer: Do The Message (answering machine message) 26k

Homer: Blimpy Boy 20k
Homer: Mr. Plow Rap 48k
Barney & Linda Ronstadt: Plow King Duet 113k
Bart: Steel-Drivin' Man 60k
Lisa & Bleeding Gums Murphy: Blues Duet 247k
Marge & Homer: You Are So Beautiful 135k
Scorpio Theme 162k
Bart: Witchcraft 49k
Homer: The Mexican Hat Dance 42k
Homer: I Love To Walk (Walk Down The Avenue) 254k

Itchy & Scratchy Theme 41k
Itchy & Scratchy Love Theme 45k
Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Theme 49k
Stingy & Battery (Alkali Flats Itchy & Scratchy) Theme 38k
Jackson Browne & Homer: Me & You Tonight 250k
Bart & Lisa: Shaft 134k
Abe Simpson & Bea Simmons: Sweet Embraceable You 150k
Mr. Burns & Smithers: Look At All Those Idiots 892k
The Simpsons: The Anti-singing Song 144k
Willy: Singing In The Rain 60k

Lurleen Lumpkin: Your Wife Don't Understand You, But I Do 252k
Lurleen: Bagged Me A Homer 260k
Lurleen: Bunk With Me Tonight 160k
Lurleen: Stand By Your Manager 170k
Ode To Branson 355k
Mona Simpson (Glenn Close): Fig Newton 52k
The Poochie Rap 41k
They Call Him Skinner 50k
Sideshow Bob: Amazing Grace 58k
Ned & Maude Flanders: We Got You Babe 69k

Eye On Springfield Theme 163k
Aerosmith & Moe: Walk This Way 262k
Marge & Homer: You Light Up My Life 128k
Homer: Spanish Flea 55k
Apu: Dream Police 60k
Martin: My Bonny Warrior 51k
Krusty: Lotsa Fun 87k
Spinal Tap: Break Like The Wind 153k
Skinner & Students: Hail To The Bus Driver 58k
Krusty's Prison Song 146k

An Amendment To Be 336k
Homer: I'm A Little Tea Pot 18k
Homer: Blue Spanish Eyes 49k
Smithers & Co-Star: Sold Separately 135k
The Beach Boys Experience 55k
Christmas With The California Prunes 161k
Christmas Convoy 103k
Ned: Here Come Sandwiches 40k
Homer: A Grinchesque Christmas 123k
Put On A Happy Face 102k

Lovematic Grampa 140k
Chief Wiggum, P.I. Theme 116k
Krusty Show Theme 67k
Gabbo Theme 172k
Homer & Grampa: Play It Cool 151k
The Simpsons: Simpsons Christmas Boogie 160k
They'll Never Stop The Simpsons 213k
MC Safety & The Caution Crew: Crosswalk 100k
Homer & David Byrne: Flanders Is His Name 398k
Lisa: Vote For A Winner 328k

Lisa: I Am Their Queen 218k
Skinner & Willy: Skinner's Evil Plan 164k
Lisa: Smart Girl Six Three 134k
Homer: I Like Pizza 61k
Bart: I'm A Little Teapot 74k
Homer: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting 51k
Party Posse (Bart, Milhouse, Nelson & Ralph [really N' SYNC]): Special Girl 172k
Party Posse: Silent G 318k
Party Posse: Drop Da Bomb (Yvan Eht Nioj) 366k
Party Posse: Sign Me Up 356k

Homer: Max Power 103k
Krusty & Rabbi Krustofski: Oh, Mein Papa 157k
Krusty: Oh, Bob 67k
Homer: Is That All There Is? 61k
Homer: Wichita Lineman 183k
Homer, Barney, Carl & Lenny: I Won't Drink At Moe's 48k
REM & Homer: It's The End Of The World As We Know It 118k
12-year-old Lenny, Carl & Homer: Mr. Sandman 142k
Homer: Wedding Bell Blues 46k
The Simpsons: We Are Family 38k

Homer: Floss It 32k
Homer: Girls Just Want To Have Fun 33k
Apu, Kids & Homer: Don't Fence Me In 98k
Homer: Smoke On The Water 112k
Lisa & Bart: Joy To The World 42k
Bart & Lisa: Silent Night 61k
Homer: Hunger Pangs 51k
Ned & Rev. Lovejoy: Camptown Races 115k
Ned: God Said To Noah 51k
Homer: Animal House 95k

Homer: Radar Love 69k
Marge: Who Left The Milk Out? 74k
Homer & The Men Of Springfield: You're A Bunch Of Stuff 283k
Baha Men: Who Let Her Jugs Out? 160k
Bart & Lisa: Please Don't Hurt Our Family 39k
Sideshow Bob: I've Grown Accustomed To His Face 321k
Homer: What Do I Think (Of The Pie)? 53k
KISS & Homer: I Was Made For Loving You 97k
Tastes Like Liberty (Like A Rib) 66k
Skinner: School's Back In Session 30k

School Kids: Lisa's Spelling Bee Cheer 29k
Barney & Lisa: Relapse 29k
Jellyfish 236k
Ned: Girl With No Name 65k
Rod & Todd: Jesus Is The Rock 29k
Weird Al Yankovic: Homer & Marge 273k
Skinner & Bart: Ms. Krabappel 218k
School Kids: Hey, Hey, Seymour S. 47k
Bart: Lisa Is A Nut 33k
Moe: Moe, Moe, Moe 51k

Bart, Nelson & Friends: Glory, Glory, Hallelujah 92k
Flanders: We'll Be Safe Inside Our Fortress 66k
Homer: I Am Homer, Tribal Chief 100k
Sea Captain & Townspeople: Oh Canada 111k
Homer & Marge: Where Do I Begin? 73k
Homer: Sexual Congress 28k
The Simpson Family Smile-time Variety Hour Theme 260k
Marge: You Are My Sunshine 70k
Bart & Class: Bingo 41k
America (I Love This Country) 169k

Lisa: The Cat Hokey-Pokey 56k
Homer: Up, Up And Away 30k
The Bullies: Nerd Hole 26k
Homer: Here's The Angel 34k
Lisa, Marge & Bart: Real Estate Memory Song 73k
Homer, Marge & Lisa: Here Comes Santa Claus 44k
Homer: Bad Moon Rising 44k
Smithers: Everything's Coming Up Roses 32k
Homer: Fishing 44k
School Kids: Children Are The Future 133k

The Simpsons: America The Beautiful/America Rules medley 237k
Homer: I Work Hard For The Money 34k
Bart: Ritalin 27k
Jim Morrison & Homer: The End 115k
Johnny Bobby: Mental House Rock 189k
Nelson: Joy To The World 96k
Homer: Mr. Bojangles 93k
Bart: This Could Be The Start Of Something Big 42k
Marge: Put It In Your Cap 84k
This Log Is Your Log 126k

Abe: What's New Pussycat? 46k
Abe: Gimme That Old Time Fun 45k
Sea Captain: Met Her On The Mountain 56k
Homer & Marge: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 116k
Mayor Quimby Election Song 78k
Homer: Hey, Big Spender/Table Three 110k
Homer: Table Five 84k
Homer: Here In My Car 33k
Nelson: Papa Can You Hear Me? 155k
Nelson & Friends: Sherri Smells, Terri Smells 68k

Smithers, Burns & Kids: There Is A Man 128k
Rod & Todd: I've Got That Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy.... 57k
Bette Midler & Krusty: Wind Beneath My Wings 158k
Homer: Sugar 86k
Homer: Oh, Mindy 210k
Martin: Summer Wind 125k
Barney: Danny Boy 134k
Marge & Moe: Welcome To Moe's 190k
Marge & Homer: Love Will Keep Us Together 160k
Krusty: The National Anthem (Well, kinda) 97k

Martin: Hark To The Tale Of Nelson 30k
Jay Sherman, Lisa & Bart: I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Wiener 90k
The Pin Pals: You Can Do It Otto 99k
Ned, Rod & Todd Flanders: Amazing Grace 53k
Selma: Brandy 55k
Homer & Bart: You Don't Win Friends With Salad 42k
Homer & Marge: Bart Can't Go To The Rap Concert Rap 109k
Bart: Ass Gas Homer Rap 116k
Three Chinese Dragons: American Jerks Are Going Home 80k
RV Camper: I've Been Everywhere 75k

They Might Be Giants: Istanbul 60k
Song Of Shelbyville 152k
Marge: Rockabye Baby 134k
Cecil Terwilliger: Top Of The World 35k
Homer, Lenny & Carl: Rollin', Rollin', Rollin 33k
Homer: 99 Luftballons 126k
Scammer & Z-Dog: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy 125k
"Fat Bart" Simpsons Opening Theme 243k
Lisa: Hush Little Baby 86k
Ralph: The ABC's 34k

Clarissa Wellington (Fantasia Barrino): Hush Little Baby 227k
Lisa: I'm Talkin' Springfield 216k
Lisa: My Kitty Died 124k
Lisa: Always My Dad 233k
Johnny Rainbow: Privileged Boy 106k
Baha Men: Who Wants Their Hair Cut? 45k
Homer & Friends: 99 Minutes Until We're All Saved 64k
Homer: Alouette 19k
Homer: Take Me Out To The Ball Game 34k
Medieval Otto: Dragon In The Dungeon (with lute solo) 95k

Bart: Don't Have A Cow, Man (sung to the tune of Hava Nagila) 24k
Pious Riot: C'Mon Feel The Lord 119k
The Band At Apu's Wedding: Close To You (In Hindi) 70k
Homer: Saving Those Babies 28k
Always Safety First 137k
Homer: Stealing, Stealing 30k
Paint Your Wagon 353k
Nelson & Friends: Kill The Dorks 51k
Homer: 999 Springs To Flush Down 86k
Milhouse: Round And Round The Bottle Twirls 31k

Snake & The Simpsons: Say Your Prayers And Then It's Kablammo 209k
Homer & Marge: Those Were The Days 237k
School Teachers: Fame 143k
Ms. Krabappel: Fever 56k
Homer: Odd Couple Theme 108k
Carl, Lenny & Bart: Afternoon Delight 112k
Homer: Witch Doctor 27k
Marry My Harry (Gay-O) 128k
Barrio Zorro 49k
Kitenge & Homer: African Song/Good Morning Starshine 74k

Tom Arnold & Co. On The Losers Space Ship: The Trolley Song 159k
Homer: Under The Sea 142k
Homer: Piña Colonics 27k
Homer: Sugar Crisp Theme 40k
Krusty: I'm A Nice Guy 63k
Duff Beer For Me, Duff Beer For You 32k
Disco Stu: Disco Lady 59k
Homer: Aloha `Oe 82k
Brother Faith (Don Cheadle): Now Let's Hear It 211k
Bart & Milhouse: Sisters 40k

Homer: Writhing Funzos 37k
Singing Hobo: The Hobo Life 99k
Singing Hobo: Ballad Of Paul Bunyan 463k
Homer: Cleaning My Gun With The Safety Off 33k
Crew Of Coast Guard Cutter & Passengers Of The 'Gone Fission': China Grove 142k
Riverboat Captain Hibbert: 'Ol Man River 65k
Lisa & The Springfield Elementary School Band: Stars And Stripes Forever 40k
Nelson: Little Brown Jug 34k
Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Taking Care Of Business/You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Medley 219k
Lisa & The Springfield Elementary School Band: Living In America 108k

Captain Bart & The Tequila Mocking Birds: Daiquiritaville 80k
Bart & Ralph: Refund Adjustments/Tape-O 79k
Stan: Shop At Stan's 38k
Little Vicki & Her Dance Class: Spaceship Lollipop 213k
Homer, Joe C & Kid Rock: My Name Is Rock 161k
The Kingsmen, Homer, Lisa & Bart: Louie Louie/We Built This City 119k
Homer: Jimmy Crack Corn (Blue Tail Fly) 47k
Homer: (Oil) Changes 35k
Homer (As Mr. Stingely): Where Is The Rent? 77k
Marge: I Shot The Sheriff 86k

Homer: Pac-Man Fever 38k
Osaka Seafood Concern Loyalty Song 51k
Bart: Don't Stop 33k
RV Owner: Dog & Cat Hoedown 50k
Homer: I've Been Sittin' On The Toilet 25k
Homer: Feel Like Making Love 64k
Luigi Risotto: Pizza By The Slice 43k
Springfieldians: Auld Lang Syne 75k
Nelson: Kidz Newz Theme 39k
The Movementarians & Homer: Leader 71k

The following clip is from a two and a half minute Simpsons short never seen on American TV. It was shown around Christmas, 2004, in the U.K. as a parody of the traditional Christmas message given by Queen Elizabeth. I found this clip in MOV & WMV video formats online. Both had pretty poor sound quality. I'm sorry about that, but I can't find any better source material, and this is from the better of the two. Homer sings a little ditty on the clip, and I want this song list to be as complete as possible.
Homer: Merry Christmas (sung to the tune of Rule Britannia) 101k

Bart & Milhouse: The Farmer And The Cowman Should Be Friends 114k
Bart & Marge: Sweet Home Alabama 117k
Apu: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? 94k
The Skinners, Marge & Bart: Ebony And Ivory 163k
Jimbo, Kearney & Dolph (The Bullies, except Nelson): My Sharona 148k
Paul Anka & Lisa: Just Don't Look 194k
Bart & His Classmates: Jingle Bells 127k
Lisa: Milhouse Is Teaching Me 49k
Sideshow Bob: These Feet Are Made For Stomping 75k
Citizens Of Springfield: A Christmas Nutcracker 321k

Krusty: No More Rice Krispies ( Sung to the tune of Vesti la giubba) 41k
Homer: I Need A Present For My Wife 120k
Lisa & Homer: Lisa Loses Her Sax Chops 68k
Bart: Hey, America, You're So Fine 22k
Venetian Gondolier: That's Immoral 151k
Moe: Jump-Rope Song 37k
Ned: Joseph's Coat (Of Many Colors) 154k
Willy, Bart, Lisa & Homer: Adequate 285k
Willy, Lisa & Homer: Not On My Clothes 188k
Homer: Blue Pants Mornin' 27k

Willy: Indoors All Night 262k
Willy & Dewey Largo: Longing For The Shack 223k
Ned: Welcome To The Jungle Gym 54k
Carl: Ain't No Party Like A Lenny Party 25k
Ricky Gervais: Lady Blue 367k
Homer: Picture In Picture 94k
Ricky Gervais: End Credit Ramble 131k
Rob Reiner & The Fake Celebrities: Springfield Blows 163k
Lisa: How Many Bulls? 42k
Ned, Rod and Todd: Rise And Shine 33k

Kishore Kumar (The Elvis Of India): Pal Bhar Ke Liye 378k Thanks, Avani.
Artie Ziff: Hey Computer Geek 77k
Bart: I Got Krusty In Hot Water 28k
Homer: Mellow Yellow 83k
Willy: Row, Row, Row Your Boat 72k
Lisa: Disaster 114k
Captain Blye & The Crew Of The Bounty: Row, Row, Row Your Boat 89k
Two Days, Two Circles. From Stab-A-Lot, The Itchy And Scratchy Musical 301k
It's Symbiotic. From Stab-A-Lot, The Itchy And Scratchy Musical 247k
Knives Finale. From Stab-A-Lot, The Itchy And Scratchy Musical 183k

Women's Hate Chant 61k
Lisa's Math Class: Me! 63k
Martin & Jethro Tull: Thick As A Brick 252k
Tabitha Vixx (Mandy Moore): National Anthem/Trouble-istic Medley 295k
Tabitha Vixx: Sexy Marriage Land 148k
Fat Tony, Johnny Tightlips & The Sopranos Theme 319k
Krusty: Little Grass Shack 17k
Rich Texas Oil Man: Yellow Gold Of Texas 35k
Homer: In The Jungle (Sung to the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight) 23k
The Simpsons: Christmas Carol Medley 136k

The Fake Cavalry Kids: Fake Star Spangled Banner 107k
Homer: Chaka Khan 23k
Homer Sings Italian Song At Apu's Wedding 68k
Homer: Christmas In December 30k
Ned: Stranger In The Manger 20k
Dance Caller: Grab Your Partner 88k
Homer: Squirmy Wormy Spider 41k
Chief Wiggum & Homer: Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows 87k
Orb Of Isis Music 118k
Homer & Lisa: Old Spice Song 79k

MC Birthday: Birthday Song 68k
Homer: Turn Around 85k
Barney & Homer: I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General/There Once Was A Man From Nantucket 64k
The Waitresses: I Know What Boys Like 83k
James Taylor: Fire And Rain 304k
Burns: Let's All Go To The Lobby 36k
Homer: Golden Grahams Cereal Jingle 24k
Journey & Springfieldians: Any Way You Want It 303k
Martin: The Trolley Song 55k
Luigi Risotto: Homer Simpson Is Quite A Guy 89k

Waitstaff of The Singing Sirloin: Happy First "A" 65k
Christmas Hobgoblin & Little Bo Peep: I Will Always Be True 164k
Homer: Safety Dance 21k
Otto: We're An American Band 103k
Bart & the Kids on the School Bus: Old MacDonald Had A Fart 109k
Kids on the School Bus: The Farts On The Bus Go 'Round & 'Round 37k
Moe: Happy Birthday To Me 72k
Townspeople: Winter Wonderland 128k
Krusty's Kristmas Singers: Laugh It Up With Christ And Krusty 83k
Bart & Homer: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 52k

Homer: Mama Took Those Batteries 44k
Principal Skinner & Superintendent Chalmers: How Do We? 180k
Lisa & Friends: Cultural Things Experience 251k
The Spuckler Family Singers: Moonshine Drinkers 125k
Stephen Sondheim: The Ballad Of Buzz Cola 71k
Homer: Put The Beer In The Coconut 60k
Homer: Shaving My Shoulders 25k
Marge: Close to you 75k
Marge, Bart & Lisa: Happy Birthday (to Homer) 66k
Bart & Homer: K-I-S-S-I-N-G 40k

Bart & Lisa: Frère Jacques 46k
Homer: I Was Walking Down The Street 43k
Styx: Lady 80k
Marge, Homer & Bart: We Wish You A Merry Christmas 41k
Homer & Declan Desmond (Eric Idle): Satan, You're My Lady 377k
The Simpson's, Kitenge, and Villagers: African Frenzy Music 145k
Lenny & Carl: Who Likes Short Shorts? 19k
Lisa: Hey, Nonny-Nonny 40k
School Kids: Stanley, Stanley, No Degree 33k
Lisa: Hillbilly Tykes 92k

Homer, Carl & Lenny: We Will Rock You 96k
Simpsons: Beverly Hillbillies Ending Theme 169k
Simpsons: Conga Line Song (Take Me To The Hotel) 94k
Bart & Homer: Chiquita Banana 24k
Homer: I'm In Rio 81k
Gil Gunderson & The Simpsons: 12 Days Of Christmas 46k
Gil Gunderson: Jazzin' Around The Christmas Tree 41k
The Grumple Family, The Simpsons & Friends: Have A Grumply, Grumply Christmas 79k
Bart: Nerd Trouble 34k
Moe: I've Been Working On The Railroad 37k
Players Of Earthland Realms: Merry Month Of May 72k
Jimbo, Dolph & Kearney: Bart Stinks 79k
The Reverend & Helen Lovejoy: This Little Light Of Mine 68k
The White Stripes & Bart: The Hardest Button To Button 287k
Baby Stink Breath 103k
Homer: I Get Knocked Down (Tubthumping) 91k
While I'm not completely fluent in Dog, this is Santa's Little Helper with, I believe I Have A Little Dreidel 17k
Bart's Moon Party From Outer Space 56k
Mutant Mr. Burns, Homer & Friends: I've Got You Under My Skin 175k
The Musical Fruit 167k
Ralph: If Ever I Would Leave You 31k
Lisa & Bart: A Tango Takes Two 39k
Nelson: I Am Iron Man 30k
Homer: Time To Whizz (Ring Of Fire) 71k
Milhouse & His Capital City Friends: Springfield Baby 95k
Artie Ziff: ARTIE 34k
Nelson: Beethoven's 5th (In Ha-Ha's) 20k
Roofi: I Like Ice Cream 77k
Roofi: One Two, Tie Your Shoe 219k
Roofi: Helpful Bear 66k

Roofi: Tickets, Tickets 46k
Krusty's Campaign Song 53k
Martin: Skip To My Lou 27k
Ludacris & Friends: Menace Tooth Society, Baby Got Bacteria, Luda-Crest Wisdom 283k
Lisa & Janey: Miss Lucy/Hello Operator 118k
Homer: I'm Number One 144k
Sideshow Bob: Vesti La Giubba 185k
Sideshow Bob: Every Time We Say Goodbye 94k
Moe: Here Comes The Moe 33k
Robert Goulet: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells 54k

Homer: Oh, Margie 52k
Barry White: Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe 247k
Lionel Ritchie & Homer: Hey You, Beer Me 155k
Homer: Spider Pig 66k
Spider Pig 289k
Lurleen Lumpkin: Cryin' In My Cradle 119k
Lurleen & Friends: Daddy's Back 284k
The Dixie Chicks: America's Back 323k
Homer and Ned: Kindly Deeds 105k
Lenny: Thank You For Being A Friend 115k
Homer, Lenny, Carl & Lou the Cop: Back Rub 85k
Sadgasm: Kisses Are Dirt 253k
Sadgasm: Margerine 250k
Sadgasm: Shave Me 76k
Weird Al Yankovic: Brain Freeze 89k
Homer: Driver Of A Loaner Car 49k
Trans-Clown-O-Morphs Theme 134k
Marge: Scrubbing You 70k
Nelson: The Grand Pumpkin Carol 67k
Homer, Sylvia & Hibbert: Limbo Rock 86k

Mr. Burns: My Country 'Tis Of Thee 61k
Leonard Nimoy & Citizens Of Springfield: Good Morning Starshine 165k
Krusty & The Kruskateers: Krusty Klub Theme 66k
Kodos The Destroyer: We'll Be Killing Every Human In Two Days 43k
Bart: Trick Or Treat, Lick My Feet 40k
Lisa & Her Sober Irish Friends: Toora Loora Loora 239k
Martin & Classmates: Shy Is To Gregarious 56k
Ralph: Wannabe 45k
Skinner: Hello, Ma Baby 51k
Homer: Oh Mardi Gras 33k

The Simpson Family: For He's A Fabulous Flanders 47k
Unnamed Student At Talent Show : My Ding-A-Ling 34k
Lisa: Heart And Soul 90k
Bart Plays Sax, Marge Tries To Scat: The Clueless Duo 54k
Dr. Hibbert & Sir Mix-A-Lot: I Like Big Butts 78k
Abe Simpson & The Patrons Of O'Flanagan's Pub: This Is The Life 233k
Bart: Kiss My Ass 25k
The Parson (Bing Crosby/Father O'Malley Parody): I Love To Go To Church 32k
The Parson: Walking To Your Office 34k
The Parson: Regurgitated By Satan 38k
The Simpsons: We're Going To A Restaurant Grand Opening 59k
Krusty: Farewell Sideshow Bob 259k
Doggy Simpsons & Friends: Any Minute Now 286k
Parody Sex Pistols (Bart as Johnny Rotten & Nelson as Sid Vicious): Smash The Flag 51k
Parody Sex Pistols: Hitler And Her Majesty 114k
Parody Sex Pistols: Education's Bollocks 129k
Nelson/Sid & Lisa/Nancy: The Potion Of Emotion 115k
Homer: Big, Yellow, And Serving Jello 48k
Canvas: Acappella Simpsons Theme 200k
Homer & Milhouse: Stand By Me 59k
Waverly Hills 201k
Lisa & Her Music Classmates: Louie Louie 105k
Nabil & Persian CD Dealer: Uma Shang Shang 54k
Drill Sergeant: I Like Rubbing Peoples Feet 34k
Lisa's Seven Dwarves: Off To Work 125k
Lisa's Seven Dwarves: It's Time 42k
Homer: Killing Makes Me Hungry 82k
Lisa's Seven Dwarves: Time To Say Goodbye 191k
Sir Mix-A-Lot: I Like Big Guts 130k
Jasper: Theme From A Summer Place 72k
Moe: Too Ugly To Hug/Unlucky 199k
Homer: The Gay Song 184k
Marge & Friends: Full Bodied 212k
Moe & Friends: You Could Do Worse 100k
Number XX 242k
Power Plant Workers: For He's A Jolly Good Fellow 53k
Les Rock Stars: Rock & Roll 64k
Les Rock Stars II 37k
Homer: Two All Beef Patties 69k
Homer: Al Capone's Vault 57k
Everyman Theme 255k
Homer, Bart & Lisa: Shout 60k
Martin: Saturday Night 46k
Simpsons Version Of The 12 Days Of Christmas 141k
Diaper Dandies: Tubs (Poop In The Tub) 70k
Diaper Dandies: Round And Round (Fish, Fish, Flush) 46k
Marge & Protesters: One, Two, We Say Boo 32k
Nelson: Nelson Loved A Little Lamb 42k
Train Guards: Old Dan Tucker 71k
Princess Penelope: The Only Girl Who Matters 251k
Princess Penelope: Glitter & Sparkle 62k
Krusty & Lisa: This Old Clown 176k
Krusty & Princess Penelope: Love 100k
Moby: Mr. Plow Hip Hop Remix 179k (From Simpsons special, not an actual episode.)
Marge & Homer: Potato, Po-tot-o 90k
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (& Homer): Lucky Man 93k
Salesman At Saks Fifth Grade: Planing Down The Thighs 28k
Chinese Singers: The Greatest Things Can Happen 82k
Alan Moore: Little Lulu 35k
Springfield Students (To Foreign Students): You'll Be Going Back 72k
Homer: The Girl I Love (Beautiful Eyes) 255k
Homer: If Ever I Would Leave You 458k
The Simpsons: Three Little Maids 93k
The Thompson's Theme 92k
Monty Burns' Blues 184k
Lesbians Of The Caribbean 43k
Kodos: Peace From Space 56k
The Parson & Friend: Krakatoa, East Of Java 77k
Lenny, Lenny, He's Our Guy 27k
Milhouse: When A Man Loves A Woman 36k
Homer: Homer Simpson Wins A Gold 31k
Virgil (Wren T. Brown): My Old Kentucky Home 59k
Bart & Milhouse: Three Little Maids 174k
Marshall Goldman: Here Comes The Prize 30k
Homer: Test, Test 166k
Homer: Thirsty 69k
Rod & Todd: Bringing In The Sheaves 35k
Folk Art 114k
Sherri & Terri: At Seven Tonight The Games Begin 70k
Homer: Joy To The World 80k
Bart & Milhouse: We Are Playdude Playmates 27k
Chinese Dragon: The Man Who Broke A Dragon's Heart 35k
Burns' Guards: All We Own, We Owe 71k
George Baker Selection: Little Green Bag 254k
Homer: Watching Scotty Grow 33k
Beans, Oh Beans 148k
Carter Burwell: Way Out There 389k
Lisa & Juliet: You Are Loved 168k
Apu: Freak-A-Zoid 36k
Bart's Fourth Grade Class: There Goes The Fifth Grade 80k


TV Theme for Upscalien In Da House 134k
TV Theme for Thicker Than Waters: Cherish That Family Smile 125k
Homer: Cherish That Family Smile 180k
Randy (Parody of Randy Newman): You've Got An Enemy 153k
Bart: I'm Going To The Oscars 34k
Peach Farmer: Peaches For All 204k
Ali Rudy Vallee: Three Little Fishes 50k
Fat Tony: Con Te Partiro 78k
Fat Tony, Selma, Marge, and Homer: Quando, Quando, Quando 31k
Milhouse: Don't Eat The Paste (sung to the tune of Greensleeves) 167k

Homer: Sneaking In At Noon 264k
Auto-Tune Disaster Victim 73k
Homer: Washing Out The Dog Poo 30k
North Korean Choir: Kim Jong Il Cheer 114k
Homer: Skip To My Lou 40k
Bloggin' A Food Blog 430k
Theme Music For "The Crew" From The Book Job Episode 150k
3D Itchy & Scratchy Theme 56k
Ted Nugent: Presidential Gonzo 82k
Ted Nugent & Homer: America Fever (sung to the tune of Cat Scratch Fever) 149k

Mr. Burns & Homer: Come Josephine In My Flying Machine 82k
Homer: That's Amore 38k
Cruise Director Priddis (Steve Coogan): Enjoy It While You Can 267k
The Outlands Theme 117k
Susie Stevens: We'll Meet Again 127k
Homer: Driving To Work 34k
Lady Gaga: All My Monsters (I really have no idea what to call this song. It wasn't in the credits.) 380k
Lisa & Lady Gaga: Lisa Simpson, Superstar 256k
Mary Spuckler (Zooey Deschanel): The Ballad of Cylinder Head 202k
Lisa & Her School Band: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 130k

Young Homer: Bongo 37k
Groundskeeper Willy: I'll Wax The Upstairs 36k
The Simpsons: O Tannenbaum 95k
The Simpsons: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Breakfast 220k
Lots Of Simpsons Characters and Katy Perry: 39 Days Of Christmas 479k
Homer, Carl & Lenny: Holding One Note 273k
Patti & Selma's Daughter, Ling: Flute Solo 185k
Mr. Burns: High To Be Loathed 596k
Michael Dees: Easter Parade 130k
Dewey Largo: Here Comes Flute And Piccolo (sung to Here Comes Peter Cottontail) 107k

Homer, Conducting The Springfield Grade School Band (Badly): Stars And Stripes Forever 212k
Ned: If You Think I'm Cuddly 79k
Krusty: Break On Through 89k
Mr. Burns: Conga, Conga, Conga 46k
Homer: Kernel Knowledge (Hot Buttered) 103k
Yakety Sax 159k
OK, I came across something unusual here. I recorded Homer singing Day By Day during a regular season episode. As frequently happens, a character sings part of a song during the show, then they come back during the end credits and sing some more of the song. And I just stitch these two parts together as one clip, as I did in this case, and post it on my site.

A few months after I did that, I was watching the episode again being shown as a summer rerun. I saw the portion sung during the main part of the show and thought to myself, yeah I've got that one posted. Then I heard the other part sung over the end credits and thought, wait a minute, I haven't heard that before. I went back and checked and sure enough, they changed part of the lyrics from one showing to the next. They may have done this before, but I've never caught them at it, and I have no idea why they did it. The second version below is just the end credits portion, with the lyric changes in the second half.
Homer: Day By Day 376k
Homer: Day By Day (A little different) 262k
Mona Simpson (Glenn Close) & Bus Prisoners: I Fought The Law 102k
Martin, Milhouse, Database & Nelson: Taps 92k

Martin, Milhouse, Database & Nelson: Put On A Happy Face 110k
Mary Spuckler (Zooey Deschanel): Home Is Where The Bart Is 177k
Mary Spuckler: Spuckler Bossa Nova 301k
Homer, Lenny, Carl & Moe: How Deep Is Your Love 216k
Professor Frink: The Frinkemin 68k
Sideshow Mel: Flight Of The Bumblebee (on slide whistle) 134k
Homer, Lenny & Moe: Four Best Friends 89k
Sassy Madison Theme Song 168k
Ben (Seth Macfarlane): The Way You Look Tonight 196k
Abe & Rita LaFleur (Anika Noni Rose): Two-Step Heart (AKA "Ticker Beats Quicker") 264k

Battling Seizure Robots Theme 391k
Michael Dees: That's Amore 737k
Homer & The Spice Girls: Wannabe 68k
Mall Christmas Carolers: O Christmas Tree 123k
Homer: Swag 167k
Homer: Here Is The Climax 122k
The Fat In The Hat, Part 1 And Part 2, These Things I Have Combined For You 203k
Homer: Kershaw Kershew 366k
Denise Donatelli & Homer: You Only Live Once 558k
Lisa: One 250k

Homer & Bart: Superbowl Shuffle 118k
Marge & Homer: Potato, Po-tot-o Reprise 511k
Kevin Michael Richardson: Skinner! 536k
Kevin Michael Richardson: Fiddler! 135k
Comic Book Guy & Milo: Comic Book Guy's Lament 486k

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